“Bestselling Kindle Author Reveals… How to Create Quality, Original Kindle Books- Without Writing Them”

Number 1


We all know how hot the Amazon Kindle marketplace is these days, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Everyone’s rushing to get their piece of it.

As a bestselling Kindle author and someone who has helped others get their books published, I realize that the number one problem most would-be Kindle publishers have is coming up with the content.

Some people just don’t like writing, or don’t think they can write, or think it would take too long to write a book.

A lot of other people know that content is the key piece of the puzzle, and that’s why some of them are still teaching things that could get your Kindle Publisher Account banned, such as republishing PLR content.

If you don’t want to write your own Kindle books, you need a method that works and won’t get you in trouble with Amazon.

So I’ve come up with a solution, an easy, step-by-step system I call the Kindle Authority Blueprint.

The blueprint will teach you how to create your own quality, original Kindle books:

  • WITHOUT writing the books yourself
  • WITHOUT hiring ghostwriters
  • WITHOUT using PLR, public domain, or other existing content that may already be in the Kindle store
  • WITHOUT scraping content from websites

Curious to Find Out What This Is?

By now you may be scratching your head wondering how you would create Kindle books without writing them or doing any of the above.

And no, this is NOT about creating summary books, compilation books, picture books, or anything like that.

So How Does This Work?

The Kindle Authority Blueprint teaches you how to create original Kindle books by getting the content from people who are experts in their niches.

You’ll learn

  • How to choose the right niches to work in
  • How to create books in niches where you’re not an expert
  • How and where to find these experts
  • How to get them to work with you without paying them
  • How to get them to let you keep all the royalties from the books
  • How to easily create related products to generate extra income and built your list

Yes, you read that right- if you do what this system teaches, you’ll find experts in the niches you choose and get them to work with you, without having to pay them or share the book profits with them.

Why Would Any Experts Agree to Do This?

You may be wondering why experts would be willing to work with you for free. The short answer is: Exposure.

If you follow the blueprint, you will approach the right experts in the right way that gets them to say yes. The blueprint shows you how to set this up so it’s WIN – WIN – WIN:

  • You win by getting books created without writing them
  • You win by keeping all the book royalties
  • You win by establishing yourself in new niches
  • You and the experts win by establishing relationships
  • The experts win by getting exposure
  • Your customers win by getting expert-quality content (not poor quality outsourced material from people who don’t know the subject)
I Might Think This Was Impossible- If I Hadn’t Done It Myself

I know the biggest obstacle most people will have to this idea is believing that it’s possible.

I know that because I might not believe it… if I hadn’t done it myself. When it comes to making deals, being persuasive, and twisting arms, I have to admit I’m pretty lousy at it, which means if I can do this, so can you. Just follow the step-by-step system I’ve laid out for you… and you may be better at it than I am.

The reason this system works so well is that everyone wins, and it’s completely transparent.

It’s NOT about tricking anyone or taking advantage of them. I strongly recommend in the blueprint that you be upfront about what you’re doing, so that when you get an expert to say yes (which is easy), you can quickly complete the project and move on to the next one.

I’m confident that once you see how easy the Kindle Authority Blueprint makes it to create and publish your own Kindle books, you’ll want to publish more of them. Once you’ve published a book or two, you’ll realize how easy it was to do.

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To your success,

Chris Lockwood

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